1. Heart of Mine
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Heart of mine
Holding onto pieces that I left behind
Like some fool who can't get right Lonesome kid of a thunderstorm
Seeking out a light

You well might have been the pawn
In a one night stand
You were always out there
Running wilder than the river
Until it all ran dry in your hands
And I was terrified
In that life of change
It was always a trial of me
Out on the corner every night
I was pacing down on the street
Waiting on you

And all of my life
It's been nothing new
To be in your soothing light
Wrapped in a moment
But you let me down every time
You were always lying in the part
When it came to love
I was just there like some wide-eyed kid Open-armed catching the bluff
But now it's fallen down
Like the spell of a lifetime
Suddenly washed off of me
Now in the forum of your pity try
I stand with the friends you crossed Turning from you
There's no one left around now
What are you gonna do