JESSE MARCHANT - Brightest of Feathers (EP - 2017)


Brightest of Feathers

They say the brightest of feathers 
Win often in love 
And I have seen it go that way 
When all the trials and failures 
In the gloaming light fall 
And the feelings die away 

I'm holding on to you 
But living it like a child 
Playing a part 
Get no rise 
Unless it's something new 

Well if it's 6 miles you grow 
From your parents 
For you that don't seem far enough 
It’s tearing up in you 
I can see it in the way you cry 
All the times you were blinded 
By a pain you knew 

But you'll go telling me 
How the waves fall and rise 
Like it's nothing more 
But I've been having my doubts 
That these things abound in you 
Won't finally overflow 

Well there is much in a man 
That stands to be broken 
Fucking around 
With the one you love 
How do you take it back 
Living life a porn parade 
I was always proud 
To be leaving in the past 

Did I go telling you 
Half of the ways I'd fallen around 
When you'd open your door 
Or that I'm having my doubts 
That this pain abound in me 
Hasn't finally overgrown 
Here I am letting my guard down 
Will you stay around me now 
Or will your fright of it overflow


 Bulls Lie Down

Do your brawling in the light 
Steady arm 
Lay it bad onto me 
Loose endgame 
Faces lying in the shadows 
Dogs are barking in the rain 

Still life in park 
Storm rushing I'm in a wave 
You bet your life 
You bet your life it cost 
More than you’d pay 

When the bulls lie down 
With the fog sitting low 
I will rise in a fire 
In the face of love 
From beneath a life 
In the shadows 
From all that is haunted in me 

End of your life 
Maybe a pawn 
Maybe a fat lion 
Out in the sunlight catching rays 
You built your life 
You built your life a con 
But it's over now, ain't it 


Thinking About You

The air is thick 
In the presence of your soul 
With other ones I left behind 
Though they don't bother me 
They won't let me alone 
They go on shaping me 
In all of my time 

Thinking about you 
All of my life 
What am I gonna do 
If it don't ever feel right 

Is it not a sign to wear 
Or a pain not left its time 
Always covered in another coat 
To look the same but it's wrong inside 

What I am I gonna do 
With it all to myself 
Statue of mourning 
In light in a hall under a veil 
Center of all of my thoughts 
Pinned up by the tail 
What am I gonna do 
In the lonely desert 

Is it really gonna straighten out 
Have I really come to blame you now 


Love When It's Easy

I'm going down with what fate had in line 
Tried my best in a free fall 
Never beat what the house put down 
On my feet but I've been taking falls 

Lead the way 
I'm blind and impatient 
All my love is unguided 
Help me through 
Leave to wait the rise of faceless fears 
Of falling down and letting go 

Or you can sit on a mountain 
Nearly your whole life 
Alone up there 
With your heart in a safe 
I've done that too 

This goes out to the one I love 
For her patience and sincerity 
For it is easy to give 
Under a firework sky 
A heart that bleeds 
Will always pay in full 

Silhouettes, blurry faces 
Empty lines from a mouth 
Of a bag of bones 
Tired of being around 
All these places 
All of my life 
I’ve been trying to feel at home 

Well in a full moon rising 
My headlights died 
In a crash I was blinded and saved 
Come what may 
All busted up 
Everything untied 
I’d ever wanted to keep 
I got the sun in me 


I Wish it Could Have Been More (Instrumental)


Wings Cut / Fingers Cut

Still of the night 
Still of the night 
Under my breath 
When it was still in me 

Endless dream 
Endless dream 
With the fire out 
Can it still be seen 

Every thought in a cell 
With my fingers cut, living hell 

Cut me deep 
Cut me deep 
Wish I knew in my bones 
If it will ever heal 

And what will stand 
What will stand 
If I get out of the swamp 
But live still in its heat 

Which is sand, which is salt 
Every late night rain almost gone 
All just sliding away 
With a will for life 
Always fought against 
Oh how this life can be pained 

Love is a wave 
Love is a wave 
I held my breath 
And it took me deep 

If you can dance 
If you can dance 
Over my cracks, will it help me heal 
It all gets in, but you know I 
Never take it for what it is meant 

No, it just lies in the way 
A bird's wings are cut 
And it's put in a cage 
All of its life, what a waste