JESSE MARCHANT - 7 & the Fall (Single, 2014)


Light Forms

Now the dancing days are over
Did you feel a weight come down
Every moment ever
That passed you
And the fall you hit the ground
Well I know i can't relate to
All the parts in you let down
And the pardon you were awaiting
Well I gave that to you now
If it's breaking your fall
To cut me away
Well you have it right your way

Caroline would it be alright
With you if I came by
Gotten everything
Here wrong again
Though I'd been trying
What is it happened
To the ones like you and I
Can't get right
Without doing wrong
And either way I ain't gettin' by
Breaking and falling
Crawling away
Almost had it right
Fallen away
Get in line, oh I get in line
In the mourning, stand to wait

Light forms around you ease away
Carried on ideals
Of you unchained
When I had thought
I too needed change
What now, where to
In the wake

7 & the Fall

Highways, black fog
Narrow chance
In the calm of your arms
Say goodbye

I can recall your way
In the black storm
We sat to wait
All it written all over your face
Was always in your eyes
You pay no mind the truth
If it ain't on your side

Well who's on your side?
Who is on your side now?
While I lived the fall
From your letting down
Did you mine your ruin?
You can't blame it all
On the set of your ways
You can raise your walls
And protect what you've lain
But you're cracking your roof

Now the ground here
Is washing away
I was alone
I was watching it rain
Humans standing on limbs cut
Drowning in the waves
Loosing everything
Of their minds at fault
Of their hearts in ruin