JBM - not even in July (LP, 2010)

Cleo's Song

Ain't no use in calling up your friends
Ain't no use in hiding in your bed
And ain't no use in standing on your head
'Cause no new sights can fill your loneliness

Seven days of time to fix your head
Seven days of time you walk the ledge
And every time you catch a sight
Of your reflection you can't decide
If you should cry or if it's time to laugh

Can't count how many times I've heard you say
You'd give up all you got for just a day
Of feeling fine, no counting lines
That settled up under your eyes
To fall in love, to fall in love, to fall in love

And sympathy no doubt she weren't your friend
It's too late now but I wrote this down back then
There ain't no use in cutting through
The darkness that envelops you
You have to let the light come in instead

Ambitions & War

I hear strange sounds
In the voices that come from the clowns
Who dressed up as snakes
To fight for their stake in the town

I feel heat, it pounds
On the streets where they fight for the crown
And everyday I pull further away
From the crowd

To the life that lives in my head
But has no feet on the ground
Of the love filled streets where
The passing people smile you down
And all those nice ideas
That don't stick around here

Doesn't that competing bullshit drag you down?
Do the things you're needing
Make the things you're feeling count?
And when you' ve killed every last man standing
Will you look around
To see that your fears
Didn' t go down with the crowd

July on the Sound

Cover up your hands and tuck in your feet
Sunniest day that I have ever seen
All of your friends will come out to the sea tonight
They' re coming out to say goodbye

I looked away, I looked at the ground
Holding your arm I could feel your heart pound
But like the waves that rolled into the sound you died
And now never will we see your eyes

I ran away from the pain but I still see your face
I can still see your face

All our lives are weights on a string

Friends for Fireworks

The relief had come in the setting sun
And I believed I’d won, I believed I’d won
In the darkest light of a moonless night
I rode the tide into a heartless life

I gave up my love and didn’t it all light up

And now I’m hanging on to older truths I’ve known
But after long nights of forcing a warm smile
I feel like I’ll die here alone, feel like I’ll die alone
Ears full of sunlight, breath of a warm night
Years of a long drive home

Now on my own I roam and run
When are you coming back home?
Are you coming back home?

Going Back Home

My back to the seat
As the lights become weak
I pull down the blinds
That shutter my mind
For a week

The faces I see
The friends I don' t keep
And the old folks that
Start dying' in their sleep

And I wish I could speak
To say something unique
To give you the comfort
That you seek

Ooh, my love
In the ways that you need me I' m coming back
But ooh, my love
It' s the ways that you need me that make me want to run

And every time that I think that you' re fine
Then I see
The distance I keep makes a poor judging
Fool out of me

It' s like coming around to a part of your town
That you've been
But everything's changed

From the lights to the houses and trees
But the smell is the same and it makes me
Remember your dreams

Ooh, my love
Gather your feet and start walking to the sun
My love
Kill off your demons before your heart turns into one

Is the bitter sweet?
Is it pain that you need?

In a Different Time

The different things that
People tell you to try
The different things that
Keep you from living your life

Sunsets and breezes that
Used to tickle your eye
They don' t warm you now
Not even in July

If I could see you now
I wouldn’t tell you to try
I wouldn’t ask how you feel 'cause
I wouldn’t want you to lie

But for some reason that
I don' t even know why
I feel the need to tell you that I think
That you' re gonna be fine

If I was older now
I could give you advice
If I was younger now
I'd still know how to smile

Beneath my surface where
There once burned a fire
There's just a pile ashes now
And an old telephone wire

You see it ain't just you that
Can't find the desire
It ain't just you that stands
With one foot in the fire

But if you'd hold my hand
And we'd look to the sky
I think that there' s a chance that we
Could once again feel alive

But if the sun comes up inside your mind
Then we could make it home just in time
To see a moonlit love taking flight
And into the life that we once knew we'll collide

But I know that it ain' t easy to try

From Me to You & You to Me

Please, don't make a sound
Stop your racing around
You've got feet on the ground
But your head is a kite
And you heart longs to be found

Feeling free don't come cheap anymore
Smile at me like you used to before
When the flames of a fire made you high
And you sat like a dog in the quiet
To breathe in the night

I've waited out all your storms
The pain and doubt has weakened my bones
But I'll wait around even if it takes too long
I'll wait around until the feeling is gone

Red October

The sea, the breeze
The hillsides dressed in red october leaves
Couldn't keep my mind off you
You're in everything I see

And it isn't the way you hold a gaze
It isn't the way you take the weight
But the way it feels to walk with you in the rain
You are a breeze, you are a breeze

Love lost

You see what it means to be free
You're a setting sun for everyone to see

Swallowing Daggers

I picked you up
When they called me
Your dress is torn, eyes are worn
And you got scars on your knees

You say you're changing, but that ain't how it seems

I thanked the morning for sparing your life
I showed you reason, you showed me a knife
I see, I don't know what you need

Before I knew it you're coming after me
You say you're changing, but that aint' how it seems
Before I knew it you're coming after me