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Pose in a picture up against a wall
Bite a rose and give us here a glance
The whole world’s smiling
Sharing in your joy
You can be sure
All along we knew
You were winning

Follow a leader after blood
And give these killings here a pass
Ignore bodies floating in the bay
You ought to enjoy the sun

And your minor cracks
They don't show for now
All your holes will be filled
You mustn't mind them
You can move mountains in your form
Bring heart and light to many
In your illusion of love
Don't be fooled
You try hard
But you'll never get enough

Out in the desert babe I was lost
At night I was buried in the sand
I woke up choking on the grains
In a bed with a windstorm
Filling up the room

And I don't know the ways
Or steps that led me back
I had been too long
Living in the past
I know don't why I held so long
In a love to be lost
To be idle
What for, baby what for

Who do you love?