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There's something missing
Said the owl to the snake
I have been flying
For so long in the dark
That I can't seem to find
My way around in the day
When I see the sun
Gleaming on the water
It don't make me feel a thing

Well keep your hope alive
Said his friend in reply
When he was done
There was a time
When I hid so long underground
That a chill set in me
It sank right through
Until the light came peeling
Through the dirt
With the life
Of spring in bloom
Above the ground
When no one was around
In the sun
I was warmed right through

I spent all of this time getting away
From facing my life in the crux
All of this time getting away
So much of the time
I was lost
Swimming to dreams
Towers in the sea
Well worth a lot
But not worth it whole

And I've been in trouble
Many times spread thin
Half my life on the horizon
So much to love
All I could see was the end
Only so many ways you can try
To put a rush
Into a river running dry

Still, longer the drought
More blind is the will
When all of your doubt
Of the past lies in pools
Shaped of love
Carved in stone
What line did you fault?