1. Nightships
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The beatdown
Was an all night affair
Hummingbird at my side
On the stair
Held my tongue
On my cousin’s porch
In the twilight, faded

There are doors
And windows to see
Into life for what it could be
Lights go on, lights go off again
And we lie in there faking

Wrong way, love delivered to me
Caught my eye, it was all I could see
Honest love, past lives
All in a wave
Came a rush and then faded

Did you lay out a trap?

Power is off
And they’re drawing the blinds on you
Dragon of the basement

Long way down to New Orleans
In front of my eyes
You were all I could see
All this love, passed by
All the way
I tried to erase it

I’ve been losing every try
All the things I can’t find