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I've got friends
Trading their lives
For the first class seat
Where alone they make it look easy
For the passing people
To be impressed
Though they are dead

And I've got friends
Who were married
And it set my bones
Beginning to shake
Saying love is a choice
Well now they chose it
And there they sit
Trying to make it
Something that it ain't

Nowadays you can
Make a show of your life
To convince yourself of its worth
What do you think
Of my private vacation
Do the blues look deep
Does the suite look big enough

Under my skin I had a feeling
It was all going wrong
I hid away
But then the devil came home
Now I got nowhere left to be
Try to face him with the day

Did I tell you I was lost out there
Sitting in the sand drunk
Watching the bay
Staring at a cruise
That was sailing in
Under my burnt skin
I was laughing to myself
And I couldn't say how I had come to this
When I was a kid
I had my eye on the score
Terrifying times
Got me frozen and stiff
Brought me too close
To quitting, I guess

The will did not come back
All the things I had hoped
That you would say
Had long been addressed
Fail now to be judged
Not a faint light of hope
For which to stay
Lost in the dread
I feel a rush out of time