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Drive out along the bridge
Across the dam
They all come wild to the night
In the setting sun it all looks fake
Hopeless town
I've been wearing myself thin
And loosing sight of what is real
Dressing up for the one
I know will never come
By the river bank beyond the trees
In a hideaway
I go leaving for a while

I was made to love
But I was born into a mine
Not to trust
Only people that would fall away
Like the daylight from your eye

Over the pass
An eagle flew away
But I caught his eye
And there he lingered for a while
And he glimpsed into my soul
Thinly, it was veiled in the brush
I was hiding underneath
I was blinded by the rush
That night I lost the plot
As a meaning drew away
It was buried in the deep
Under the words I couldn't say
In the ember of a fire
I saw the face
Of the one I love
It is still driving me away

There is a warm wind
Blowing through this starry night
And I am going to leave this time
And you won't hold me back alive
You won't follow me
All your debt I leave behind

Branches crack, birds fly

I was late to learn