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When the shots rang out
All I heard was rain on my windowsill
In the passing days
Before the blood dried
There was all this will
You can share a picture
And show how much you care

To be shot in the back
While you are running away
To be fat and scared
Saddest man running
I have ever seen
Who's gonna stand a chance
I wouldn't have, no one ever would
When your fate lies in the hands
Of a black heart hanging inside
To be so proud in your hateful form
Big grown man, small as an ant

It's a long ride home
This year from the pride parade
And the streetlights shine
Onto soft skin and young lovers' wills

Who you gonna tell who to love
When everyone’s just trying
To feel alright
Since I was a kid I have fought
A darkness I would never shake
When there is so little left to feel
But from the touch
Of the one you trust
It is a long life
To be handled like old shoes

And they are all these kids
All these kids I never knew