1. Frame for One
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Why should I believe
You would try
When I seen you
Long let go of your own life
Pissing your time away on the phone
Like it's the stage for every side
You've never shown
And not the frame for one
Who never would try

Ain't no lie I've been running away
From every long idea of life and love
For the way that so much pain
Always follows behind
Sitting alone out there
I had been doing just fine

Guess I still believe in love
Way I feel broken
In the sights of her crooked smile
And if I'd been more of feather
Than of bone
When she had shed
All of her light on me alone
I wouldn't have been
So long thawing out

Come my leave
I'd be rolling in a wave
Always far out of reason
But I had one all the same
Sooner or later
It all came following behind
And then alone out there
I was just doing time

In the twilight
With all my mending bones
Still a hairline crack
In each one, give it time
But I was well tired of waiting
When I leapt off my ship
Into the tide


Now the past lies there
On an ocean
To float on and die alone
And the wind blows it
Far out of mind
With the waves all bowing over
In a tunnel of time and its ghosts
Maybe it will live on in my mind
Come my way
I'd been following a lie
Or been a long time leading it
It's foggy in my mind
So much pain
I’d been blurring the lines
Under a mountain of weight
In the calm of denial
Couldn't stand it
Seeing you there alone
Through a crowd
Of laughing people
Sincere as a child
Wish I knew how to hold on
To what it's worth