JESSE MARCHANT - Go Lightly (Single, 2021)

Who are we 
On a mountain
Still in repair
Old lover, the sea
I’m adrift 
In your night fog

Hidden parts 
Go lightly 
I feel so bad 
In my blood 

Who can see 
From the mountain
A silver path 
All our love 
Into the stream 
All is slipping 
When the night falls

Under stars 
Under a street light 
I fear the last was lost 

Still in the night farther away
Live it out / conform to shape
This well may be a part of life
But I don’t like it 
A lived denial fallen away
Even I can’t put it straight
Standing right in front of you
When I was oceans away 

In a part 

Well we don’t live so quietly now
And lies have followed me around
Light fissures forming into cracks
In a dull life leading you to stray
When the dark clouds clear out 
A hollow reasoning to stay
A child is lying in the dark
Not knowing there is
Much to escape 
And that dust will fall
As days go by 
The windows fog
And there is no light